Roadshow with a difference in Oundle

The Chemistry Roadshow
The Chemistry Roadshow
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Oundle School Chemistry Department took a Roadshow of ‘The Chemistry of Colour, Smell and Taste’ to Oundle Market Place.

This was the first event of its kind for the department which saw nearly 70 children and their families visit throughout the two hour session.

Participating children 
discovered why beetroot tastes better with lemons, what ammonium sulphide smells off (rotten eggs – it’s used in stink bombs) and why some perfumes contain the same molecule that is in faeces.

There were also some colourful demonstrations involving dry ice (solid carbon dioxide).

Jonathan Peverley, Head of Chemistry at Oundle School, commented: “The idea came to me very early one morning whilst I was sitting up with my two year old who couldn’t sleep. I had just read an article from the Royal Society of Chemistry about bringing the ‘Chemistry of

Smell’ to the classroom and I thought why not take it out to the public instead? I am delighted that the event was such a success and I now plan to look at ways to build upon the idea, perhaps taking it out to local schools.”

“It was especially wonderful to have three of our Third Form pupils Amelie Holtby (13), Joseph White (13) and Thomas Caskey (13) helping. I firmly believe that giving the pupils a leading role helps them develop as individuals as well as good scientists.”