Podcast pair from Deeping St James taking the internet by storm

Kevin Chapman and Richard Bass with their top podcast EMN-150415-223455009
Kevin Chapman and Richard Bass with their top podcast EMN-150415-223455009
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Two friends who record a daily podcast in their kitchens are taking the internet by storm after making it into the top 20 shows in the UK.

Deeping St James residents Kevin Chapman and Richard Bass, known as Kev and Steve, were thrilled to see their podcast We’re From The Internet rise up the iTunes charts after its debut two weeks ago.

We used everything we have learned over the years and it just clicked straight away.

Richard Bass

The daily comedy breakfast show aims to answer “all of life’s great questions”. And it has been a hit with listeners, gaining thousands of subscribers in the first two weeks of release.

Richard, 29, and Kevin, 32, run their own media company and have previously had success with podcasts and books. But their latest show is by far their most popular.

Richard, who works for a cyber security firm, said: “It’s been a bit of a surprise.

“We used everything we have learned over the years and it just clicked straight away. We were in the top 50 in the first week, and the top 20 the week after.

“It just seems to be going up and up.”

The podcast is recorded in Kevin’s kitchen, often in batches, and usually lasts about 10 minutes. Listeners send in questions on whatever topic they like, and the hosts then answer the question and explore any tangents that open up along the way.

We’re From The Internet is up against podcast heavyweights such as the BBC and Russell Brand. But Richard believes its success is down partly to a loyal fanbase, generated through books and previous podcasts. The pair also host The Mature Gamer Podcast, which covers video games and is often number 1 in the games and hobbies category on iTunes. And Kevin’s ebook The Lazy Student’s Revision Guide, written under the pseudonym David Chapman, was a bestseller in the study skills category of Amazon’s Kindle charts.

The man also own a podcast network, Geek Culture Radio, which brings together a number of different shows.

Richard said: “We’ve got a good base of people who like us. If you are completely new then only 20 people might get the podcast. But because we have a nice base it puts us in the viewing space of people who don’t already know us.

“Now it’s sustaining. It’s a really exciting time for us.”

He added: “Part of the problem we have as independents is that the big players have a large presence in the charts all the time. For us to be there as complete novices doing it in a kitchen is massive.”

Both men work full time; Richard in IT and Kevin as a teacher. But the success of their latest venture means they are considering their career options.

Richard said: “We set ourselves mini goals of reaching set numbers of listeners. We’re trying to branch out on both shows and books.

“We want to get a few more number ones under our belts. I really want to get a number one on the main chart. That would be a lot harder but we hope to do that this year.”

They are also considering filming their podcast for an online clip show.

We’re From The Internet can be downloaded from http://werefromtheinternet.com/ or on iTunes.