Peterborough teenagers decide its time for change at city landmark

The youths who took part in the project
The youths who took part in the project
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Nine Peterborough teenagers have put a bot more colour into their community by renovating a landmark.

The teens were taking part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) – a government funded youth programme for every 16 and 17 year old.

After an action-packed week of skills development and team building activities, the creative teens looked towards their local area with the hope of leaving a modern, inspirational, and lasting impression on their community.

They decided to pitch their ideas to representatives at Peterborough Council who agreed to revamp the Clock Tower on Lincoln Road.

With the help of local artist Lee Mason the teens sought advice from local businesses and even the LAG (Local Action Group) before developing an incredible and eye-catching design.

The team spent two weekends in November with their NCS team Leaders planning and completing the project ready for the public to enjoy.

Jay Wright, (17), who took part in the scheme, said “We all live in the area so we wanted to create a positive space to for a nicer community. “Hopefully we have incorporated every aspect of Peterborough so there is something for everyone to enjoy.”

He added: “Working with (Lee) the artist was a really cool experience, I’m definitely inspired to continue on with volunteer work like this – such an amazing experience”.

For more information about the programme, please visit or call the NCS East team on 0845 460 7410.