Peterborough teenage cancer survivor takes to high seas as part of recovery

Corey on the trip
Corey on the trip

A teenage cancer survivor has taken to the high seas as part of his recovery from his courageous fight.

Corey Foster was just 13 when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and underwent a year of intensive treatment at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

Corey, now 16, has now enjoyed the sailing trip of a lifetime with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust as he aims to rebuild his confidence. He was one of the 22 young people in recovery that took part in a unique four-day Trust sailing adventure around the Isle of Wight last week.

Corey, from Orton in Peterborough, said he felt lonely during his treatment as he missed out on spending time with his friends at school.

He wanted to come on the trip to meet other young people who have shared similar experiences to him.

He said: “It was hard not learning and seeing my friends as I loved being at school, so it was tough. After spending so much time away, it was a struggle to go back to school at first as it would have been nice to speak to other people that have been through the same sort of experience.

“It’s easier to open up and talk here because we all have similar issues, we’ve all been through the same disease. It’s nice because the friends I’ve made here have a better understanding of it so you can hear from another person’s perspective and not just someone who’s studied the knowledge, the people on the trip have actually all been through it.”

Launched in 2003, the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a national charity that rebuilds confidence after cancer, using sailing to support, empower and inspire young people aged 8-24 in re-engaging with life and embracing their futures with optimism.

Corey said: “I feel more confident, at the start of the trip I was quite nervous about meeting everyone and now I feel more relaxed as I’ve made so many friends. I don’t want to leave because we’ve got such a good bond as everyone’s shared their stories which has made us become closer. We will definitely stay in contact and I look forward to seeing them all again on a Trust trip next year.”

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