Peterborough puppy named as 'RSPCA's unluckiest dog' is looking for a new home

A pooch from Peterborough named as the RSPCA's unluckiest dog is looking for a new home.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 9th April 2018, 1:00 pm
Max and Harrison
Max and Harrison

Three year-old Staffie Max has been neglected by owners, suffers from serious skin allergies, dislocated his knee and has even been diagnosed with arthritis - but is hoping his luck will change with a new home.

The Staffordshire bull terrier arrived at the RSPCA’s Blackberry Farm Animal Centre in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, over a year ago - on March 9 2017.

Animal care assistant Harrison Foster, who’s been looking after Max, said: “Max hasn’t had the easiest start in life.


“He came into our care after being rescued from terrible conditions. He was unloved and emaciated.

“He was lucky to be found and brought into our care so we could give him the TLC he so wanted and the treatment he so needed. But, sadly, this unlucky little pooch still had some more challenges ahead of him.”

A few weeks after being signed over by his previous owners, who lived in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, and were struggling to cope, Max developed a rash which he had soon itched red raw. Vets tried lots of different treatments for skin allergies but his itching continued for almost a year.

“We finally managed to get his allergies under control,” Harrison said, “and he’s likely to need to stay on treatment for life. But he still wasn’t out of the woods yet.


“In October, Max went to our animal hospital in Birmingham for surgery on his dislocated knee. He needed lots of specialist care and rest after his op but vets finally gave him the all-clear when a round of final x-rays showed that this young lad had developed arthritis in the knee due to the damage.

“At only three, he’s really been through the wars and has certainly had his fair share of bad luck. But I hope his luck will soon change and - now that we’ve finally managed to get his health conditions under control - he can find a wonderful new home.”

Max is an active, lively and intelligent dog who already has basic training and knows some simple commands. He loves treats and pleasing people so is quick to pick up new tricks.

He is still a puppy at heart and can get easily over-excited so staff think he would be best suited to a home with older children and experienced owners. He may be able to live with another dog - possibly a calm female who can help him learn - but can’t live with any cats.


He will need his new owners to teach him that it’s not scary being left on his own and will benefit from continued training and socialisation.

“Max is such a bubbly boy, full of energy and always on the go,” Harrison added. “But he’s also a big softie and he absolutely loves fuss and attention.

“I’ve been caring for him for over a year now - 396 days to be exact - and although he likes to think I’m his personal slave, we’ve really become inseparable. He’s my best bud and I know there’s someone out there with a Max-shaped hole in their life that needs filling!

“It’ll be difficult to say goodbye to Max but it’ll be amazing to wave him off to his forever home - I just hope we can find his paw-fect match soon because he doesn’t deserve to spend one more day in kennels.”


More information on Max is available via his online profile or from staff at Blackberry Farm. You can contact them by calling 0300 123 0752 or emailing [email protected]