Peterborough nature reserve to remain shut due to bee swarm

bee swarm at Woodston Ponds by Dan Richardson
bee swarm at Woodston Ponds by Dan Richardson
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A Peterborough nature reserve will remain shut today (Monday) after a swarm of bees set up a temporary home there.

Thousands of honey bees descended on Woodston Ponds on Friday, gathering in a ball on a tree at the reserve.

The British Wildlife Trust made the decision to shut the reserve over the weekend, for public safety and to let the bees live in safety.

Over the weekend the bees moved on from the reserve - although it is not known where they have moved to.
The reserve is scheduled to re-open tomorrow (Tuesday).

The giant swarm had been spotted on Thursday on Ivatt Way, Westwood, when MOT tester Sean Reddington (31) became trapped in his car.

A free open day at Woodston Ponds, located off the Woodston Reach footpath, will take place on Saturday, July 18 between 11am and 3pm.