Peterborough couple searching for special anniversary presents are among first guests to tour Amazon fulfilment centre

Muriel and John Fitzjohn in the Amazon fulfilment centre
Muriel and John Fitzjohn in the Amazon fulfilment centre
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A husband and wife from Peterborough took Amazon by storm last week when they rolled back the years and danced their way down the aisles of the city’s fulfilment centre, surprising staff and fellow tour guests.

Muriel Fitzjohn (87) and her husband John (92) were two of the first guests to enjoy the new public tour of the fulfilment centre in Kingston Park.

The couple searching for presents

The couple searching for presents

John booked the free tour for his wife as part of his bid to search for a special present for Muriel as they approach their fourth wedding anniversary. They are keen Amazon shoppers and regularly browse for bargains on their Fire tablets.

John, a Second World War navy Veteran, was searching for the perfect present for his wife and decided to check out the aisles at Amazon to help spark some ideas. He’s remained tight-lipped on his choice of gift but he thinks Muriel will love it.

“I’ve seen so many things that Muriel will love during our tour of Amazon, but she’ll have to wait until our anniversary to find out what she’s getting!

“We’ve had a brilliant time at the Amazon public tour in Peterborough and we even took the opportunity to try a few dance moves while we were walking through the centre.”

The couple originally met in the 1970s when John was Muriel’s manager at Freeman’s Mail Order. The couple worked together until Muriel left the company in the 1980s to become a seamstress, until a chance meeting in 2011 brought them back together.

While working together in the 1970s they both had their first grandchild, born within 12 hours of each other.

After getting reacquainted at an organ concert, the couple fell in love and were married in 2015. They regularly attend afternoon tea dance clubs together and practised their latest routine during the Amazon tour, much to the delight of surprised onlookers.

Muriel’s favourite things about John are he’s kind, compassionate and brings her a cup of tea in bed every morning. John loves Muriel’s happiness and positivity.

Asked what advice they would give to young couples, they said: “Never let the sun go down on your anger. Be honest with one another and try not to nag too much.”

Members of the public can sign up at for free tours of fulfilment centres across the UK.