Peterborough championship winning team needs help to stay on the ice

Sledge Hockey Action. Pic: Phantom Sledge Hockey
Sledge Hockey Action. Pic: Phantom Sledge Hockey

A championship winning Peterborough sports team are looking for help to keep them on the ice for the new season.

Peterborough Phantoms Para Ice Hockey Team, who won the British Sledge Hockey Association championship between 2013-2016, have a funding shortfall, and need new equipment to get players on the ice

Writing on the JustGiving page, organisers said: “With ever increasing financial difficulties this world throws at us, so many clubs and organisations need additional support to continue to survive.

“We provide a place for people with or without a disability, irrespective of your age or gender to come along and get involved. We know through our small club and sport, we offer big dreams.”

Due to a shortage of equipment, the team is facing not being able to train as much as they want, and having to turn away would-be skaters.

Organisers added: “We have helped so many people to improve their overall fitness, or being part of their rehabilitation programme, and helping them to feel less isolated by being part of a team and feeling more social, but most importantly we offer something fun that people want to come back again and again.”

Sledge hockey sees teams of players playing ice hockey in a specially designed sledge, using the sticks to move around the rink, and pass, control and shoot the puck. The sport will be featured during next year’s Winter Paralympics.

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