Peterborough Cats Protection ‘devastated’ after all of its food is stolen

Peterborough Cats Protection
Peterborough Cats Protection
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Peterborough Cats Protection says it is “devastated” after all of its food was stolen.

The theft was discovered this morning (Saturday, August 19) and the charity is now appealing for people to keep a look out for its stock.

The food was meant to last until Christmas.

Peterborough Cats Protection posted on Facebook: “This morning one of our fosterers went to collect supplies for the cat and kittens in her care from our garage.

“When she arrived it was apparent that we had been broken into and ALL of our food supplies had been stolen. We are devastated.

“Can we please ask all of you to share this post and keep a look out for large bulk quantities of food being sold either by word of mouth, car boots or social media sites.

“This food was supposed to last us until Christmas and now we have absolutely none whatsoever. There will be a JustGiving page going live in the next 24 hours so if you can help us then we would be very grateful.

“In the meantime, the list of the foods stolen is below:

. Boxes of Felix adult and kitten wet pouches. These could be sold as separate boxes (12 pouches a box) but if you see boxes of four (48 pouches) with plastic wrapping on with a white sticker and code, they may well be ours.

. IAMS adult wet pouches - large orange boxes containing 48 pouches per box

. Royal Canin Instinctive kitten pouches in boxes of 12

. Royal Canin small tins of pediatric weaning mousee

. Purina Pro Plan adult dry - 10KG bags

. Purina Pro Plan junior dry - 10KG bags

. Royal Canin kitten dry - 10KG bags

. Royal Canin mum and babycat - 5kg bags

. Large storage boxes - one orange and one burgundy with a green lid, containing a mixture of dry and wet food, different supermarket brands, tins, pouches, boxes, This is our feral food supply.

“PLEASE HELP US AND SHARE THIS POST. If you see or hear of anything then please send us a private message or phone our helpline on 0345 371 2750. Thank you.”