Peterborough-based tattoo artist vows to not stop despite second break in in four months

“I've built my business from scratch over the last three years. Incidents like this will only drive me to make changes to move onwards and upwards."

By Ben Jones
Thursday, 12th May 2022, 3:50 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2022, 5:39 pm

Hayley Evans, who owns Ink Imaginarium in Werrington, has vowed not to let the criminals win after she fell victim to a break in for the second time in four months on Saturday (May 7).

Thieves smashed the studio’s window before making off with a cash box, fortunately only filled with some loose change.

The first time this happened was in February when those who broke in made off with significantly more, including up to £1000 in equipment.

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Hayley Evans.

Hayley said: “The first time it happened, in February, it was a shock but I took it in my stride. I could see from the CCTV footage that a tall, slim, white man broke in through one of my windows. He didn't take a lot, but it amounted to about £1000 worth of equipment.

"I went through all the motions of reporting it to the police and making an insurance claim, but the case was closed almost immediately as there wasn't enough evidence to identify the culprit. I did get a really nice surprise when a friend and client, Tamsin Wright, set up a gofundme to help replace some of the cash that was stolen - that really restored my faith in humanity and community. I'm truly thankful for that."

Following this, Hayley had the main window replaced with a new double glazed UPVC lockable window. Despite this though, the female-led studio, on Papyrus Road, was still burgled for a second time this month.

Hayley said: "I'm devastated. Even though they haven't taken much this time, I feel violated and let down. I'm frustrated, angry and upset.

The aftermath of the break in at Ink Imaginarium.

"They smashed the new window with a ratchet, snooped around for six minutes and took my new cash box, which luckily only had some loose change in it. It's even more distressing and confusing because they didn't take much; it makes it feel personal, like their intention is just to cause havoc.

"I'm most distraught that for a second time, I have had to close the studio and reschedule clients that have been eagerly waiting months for their appointment. Anyone who's visited Ink Imaginarium will know that my clients are my priority."

Hayley works primarily with female clients, some of which ask for tattoos to cover up life changing scars cover ups o for r intensely meaningful memorial tattoos.

She added: “I'm so grateful for the understanding my clients give in situations like this. I've been flooded with messages and comments of support on Facebook, and that's such a great testament to the relationships I build and the care that I give my clients.

One of Hayley's tattoo designs.

"I've built my business from scratch over the last three years. Incidents like this will only drive me to make changes to move onwards and upwards."The most recent burglary happened between 01:57am and 02:04am. Anyone with information about the incident can contact Cambridgeshire Constabulary on 101.

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