Park bosses in Peterborough to explain how new car parking fees will apply

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Bosses at Nene Park Trust have started a “period of engagement” with visitors and groups to explain how new daily car park charges will work.

The trust plans to introduce the new fees at Ferry Meadows and Orton Meadows next January.

At the moment, a car parking charge of £4 applies at weekends and bank holidays from March until the end of October between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

But from next year the trust will introduce daily charges, varying according to the length of stay.

However, details of the planned charges will not be released by the trust until November.

The trust says the charges will be a vital source of revenue as demand for services places a strain on income.

The charges will help pay for all the services provided by the trust, including the Duty Rangers who operate in the park.

Last year, Nene Park recorded its highest visitor numbers with more than 1.6 million people visiting – up 15 per cent on the year before.

The trust intends to talk to visitors, tenants and community groups about the scale of the charges and how they will work in practice and says it is committed to ensuring a system that is fair for all.

Teresa Wood, head of visitors services, said: “Information from these meetings, and other visitor comments, will then be used to help us to determine the final tariff structure.

“We expect to provide further information in late November.

She added: “In recent years, visitor numbers to Nene Park have increased and we have sought to make sure the recreational opportunities provided by the trust have grown with it.

“These improvements have made Nene Park one of the prime visitor spots in Peterborough, and the wider region, which is something that we are incredibly proud of.

“However, with this increase in visitors, the requirement for maintaining and renewing the Park’s infrastructure has also risen, and so the trust is now spending more year on year than it is earning.

“This leaves us with a need to increase income so that we can continue to maintain and improve this Park that we are so proud to have as an asset to this city.

She added: “The extension to our car parking charges will help us fund the replacement of structures and sites in the park that are in urgent need of repair or upgrade – for example the pontoon bridge – as well as enable our plans for further play areas and nature trails in the future and improved accessibility across the park.”

The trust is a charitable organisation which maintains Ferry Meadows Country Park and Orton Meadows and receives no government funding.