Orphaned Whittlesey seagull Happy Feet set to fly the nest after being rescued

An orphaned young gull called happy feet will soon be able to fly the nest after being rescued by a Whittlesey vets.

Friday, 20th July 2018, 12:08 pm
Updated Friday, 20th July 2018, 12:13 pm
Happy Feet the gull

It’s believed the gull’s mother was killed in a road accident in Pondersbridge, near Whittlesey, as the fledgling was found cuddled next to her body.

The team at Best Friends Veterinary practice have given the young seagull the name Happy Feet and he is now being looked after by receptionist Kim Jackson.

Kim, who lives in Coates, near Whittlesey, and has worked at the practice for two years, said: “The seagull was brought to us after he was found beside the road. He had tragically lost his mother who would have been looking after him until he was ready to fly.

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“On examination it was found he was healthy and I have since taken him to my home to stay in our garden aviary until he is ready to fly.

“At the moment we are feeding him tinned fish and mackerel and we decided to give him the name Happy Feet as he was always dancing around.

“He is also loving a cooling dip in the paddling pool in this hot summer weather. As soon as he is ready to fly we will release him.”

The seagull nesting season is in May and June and seagulls are known as some of the most dedicated parents in the bird world.

Commonly found by the sea, the birds also live inland by rivers and reservoirs. Their high-pitched call can also be heard in towns and cities situated away from the coast.

The Best Friends Veterinary team in Whittlesey is no stranger to looking after injured and abandoned birds, recently caring for a tiny blackbird.

If you find a baby bird and are unsure what to do, please contact a wildlife rescue centre, the RSPCA or your local veterinary practice for more information.