New Peterborough support group for children with SEN

Angela Allen, Stephen Douglas and son Leo
Angela Allen, Stephen Douglas and son Leo
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Parents who have children aged one to five years old with Special Educational Needs (SEN) can attend a new support group.

The group called Spectrum of Love will be for children who have been diagnosed with, or are being assessed for, autism, sensory processing disorder, global development delay or any other neurological condition.

It is being run by specialist SEN teacher Angela Allen and partner Stephen Douglas who have a two-year-old son, Leo, with sensory processing disorder and global development delay and who is currently undergoing assessment for autism after being born 11 weeks early.

Angela said: “I found that having a special needs son who showed outward signs of a neurological condition meant many parent baby/toddler groups we attended became quickly uncomfortable with the constant stares from adults and children alike, and that I was always having to explain why my son was acting the way he was.

“He couldn’t just be himself.

“I am seeking to build a fortnightly support group where all children with a special need, their parents (and understanding non-SEN siblings) can meet other families on the same journey in an environment of understanding and non-judgement for soft play, days out, parent relaxation evenings, cinema trips and much more, plus lots of info on where to buy specialist equipment like weighted blankets, therapy tools, sensory items and communication cards.”

A free social event is being held on Sunday, February 24 from 9am to 10am at Tramp2lean in Axis Park, 12 Manasty Rd, Orton Southgate, PE2 6UP.

Squash and biscuits are included. Families just need to bring £1.50 to buy socks for trampolining.

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