Meet the woman who nearly threw away her Royal Wedding invite because she thought it was a scam

A youth worker today told how she almost threw away a formal invitation to Prince Harry's wedding - because she thought it was a prank.

Carly Hain, 25, received her royal wedding invitation this week but thought it was a scam because she did not recognise his official title Prince Henry of Wales.

Carly Hain with the Royal Wedding invite she thought was a scam. PHOTO: SWNS

Carly Hain with the Royal Wedding invite she thought was a scam. PHOTO: SWNS

To add to the confusion, the official-looking envelope was hidden inside a farm food leaflet which she thought wasn't right.

Carly, of Leverington, near Wisbech, said: "It was tucked inside a farm food flyer which made me think its rubbish.

"So I was about to throw it in the recycling but I thought to open it anyway just to have a look.

"When I first read it I thought 'this is amazing.'

The Royal Wedding invite she thought was a scam. PHOTO: SWNS

The Royal Wedding invite she thought was a scam. PHOTO: SWNS

"But then I read through it a bit more and I thought 'this isn't real, I have got my hopes up because who is Prince Henry?'

"I couldn't believe it, I had to google it because I thought it was a typo.

"And apparently it turns out his name is Prince Henry, I had no idea - which is really bad royal knowledge on my part.

"I saw a few weeks ago that all of the invitations had already gone out but I thought it was just fake news.

"But I am glad I didn't throw it away and I am glad I took it seriously, I just had no idea his name was Prince Henry."

Carly Hain has been invited to the Royal Wedding. PHOTO: SWNS

Carly Hain has been invited to the Royal Wedding. PHOTO: SWNS

Carly was one of six community heroes nominated by the Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk to be invited to grounds of Windsor Castle to acknowledge their efforts.

She is the lead youth worker at Spaeda which runs three youth groups in West Norfolk for young people aged between 11-19 years and disabled people aged up to 25.

The letter which was sent from Norfolk's Lord Lieutenant asked Carly if she would like to join guests at Windsor Castle on May 19.

It asked her to email the Lord Lieutenant as soon as she received the letter to confirm her attendance.

Carly, who has been volunteering at Speada for seven years said: "I thought this is definitely not real.

"So I emailed Lord Lieutenant back and said 'is this legit?'

"And they replied with 'yes, this is real please let me know as soon as possible who your guest will be and where you will be staying so we can send you a car.'

"So I am glad I didn't throw it in the bin, I would be watching it on the television at home when I actually got an invite and had no clue.

"I would have had to chase the dustbin men for my invite.

"I just hope they don't read one of these articles and actually think she is a bit ungrateful wanting to throw her invite in the bin.

"But it is real and it is on my fridge now, it is not going anywhere.

"That will teach me for reading my letters a bit better."

Carly will be attending Meghan Markle and Prince Harry - otherwise known as Prince Henry of Wales - on their big day with her boyfriend of four years Josh Whitaker.

Carly adds: "I wanted to take the whole world and I would have loved to have taken the chairman Lewis Tibbs and all of Speada's young people but the logistics didn't really work out.

"My boyfriend is very excited.

"He is the sort of guy that lives in his jeans and vans.

"But now we have to scrub up a little bit and brush our hair."

Carly and her boyfriend will get to watch the royal ceremony in a pen outside the chapel watching the bride and groom arrive and depart amongst the other guests.

They will then be taken to the grounds of Windsor castle to watch the live broadcast.

Carly said: "We have booked into a hotel for the evening before, and they are going to send a car for us.

"I think we are going to be made to feel very important on the day which is super humbling.

"I never thought I would get the chance like this.

"I used to dream about flying down a royal hall way on mattresses like in the Princess Diaries film and now I get to have tea in the garden."

Spaeda was set up in 2011 and is made of seven volunteers and two lead youth workers - Carly being a one of the trained lead youth workers.

Carly, who also holds down a full time job as an estate agent adds: " I definitely can't take all the credit for receiving this invitation.

"I couldn't do what I do without the other volunteers and Lewis Tibbs.

"We are a team and we are all great in our own little ways.

"I want to say thank you to all of them, I feel guilty I can't take everybody with me."