March in Peterborough to celebrate 100 years of Polish independence

The march in 2014
The march in 2014

A march in Peterborough will celebrate 100 years of Polish independence.

The march is due to begin in Cathedral Square from 4pm tomorrow (Saturday, November 10).

Four years ago flares were set off during the march, which caused residents to complain they were afraid of what was happening.

Kristof Jastrzembski, secretary for the Committee for Defence of Poland, UK, is one of the main organisers of tomorrow’s event.

He said: “Police have informed me of concerns being raised regarding extremism and I have assured them that none will be tolerated.

“This year’s march in Peterborough is not expected to be large as most Poles resident in the UK are flying to Warsaw. My estimate is up to 150 people.

“We wish to preserve goodwill shown to the Polish community by Peterborough.”

Chief Inspector Robin Sissons said: “We are aware of a parade taking place in central Peterborough on Saturday to mark Polish Independence Day and officers have been liaising with the organisers.

“There will be a proportionate policing presence at the event, both in Cathedral Square where it starts and along the route.”