Man’s anger over parking ticket at Peterborough restaurant which set him back £100

Roberto Mariconda outside the Chiquito restaurant with his parking fine
Roberto Mariconda outside the Chiquito restaurant with his parking fine
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A family meal cost a lot more than one diner expected after being hit by a parking ticket which has set him back £100.

Roberto Mariconda believes it was unfair that restaurant staff at Chiquito in Hampton did not warn him that he would be charged for staying beyond three hours and needed to register his number plate on a screen in the premises.

Thirteen people ate out at the Mexican restaurant in Cygnet Park, Phorpres Way, with all three drivers being hit by a £60 fine. However, that cost has now increased for Roberto after he unsuccessfully appealed to Britannia Parking which has operated the car park since last April,

The 34-year-old, who lives in the Ortons, insists he will not return to the area. He said: “It was a rainy day, we were rushing out of the car to get into the dry, and the signs are not obvious enough to be seen.

“I have asked six people and all six say they were unaware of this restriction.

“I went back to Chiquito and my father-in-law has done the same, and on both occasions they dismissed the issue, saying it was with private firm Britannia Parking.

“I still maintain it’s clear the breakdown was made by Chiquito in not telling us to enter out registration into the computer.”

A spokesman for Britannia Parking said: “There are a total of 21 signs prominently placed at the car park which make it very clear that there is a maximum stay of three hours, including a large sign at the entrance to the car park.”

A Chiquito spokesperson said the restaurant was sorry to hear about the “issues” with the car park, adding: “Whilst Chiquito will continue to do all it can to ensure guests are aware of time restrictions, we urge customers to contact Britannia Parking directly.”