Law firm is right on cue to help bring hit drama to TV screens

Stephen Rea as Inspector Bucket in Dickensian
Stephen Rea as Inspector Bucket in Dickensian
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The expertise of a legal firm played a vital role in bringing the BBC’s hit drama Dickensian to the TV screens over Christmas.

Kirsten Rimmer, associate of Roythornes, of Minster Precincts, Peterborough, and Enterprise Way, Spalding, was hired by programme makers Red Planet Pictures.

Kirsten Rimmer, associate of Roythornes.

Kirsten Rimmer, associate of Roythornes.

She was asked to sort out the legal complexities of leasing the impressive studios needed for the production.

To film the 20 episode drama, which was watched by 6.5 million viewers, the company leased a large building near London.

Inside they created 27 two-storey buildings plus a 90 metre cobbled high street with a fully functioning pub at one end and a 16 column colonnade, church and law courts at the other.

But the legal agreements had to be completed to a tight deadline to ensure the drama, which brings together many of Charles Dickens’ iconic characters, could premiere on Boxing Day.

It’s great to be involved with Red Planet Pictures.

Kirsten Rimmer, associate

Kirsten said: “It was a challenge to find the premises and put in place arrangements to accommodate the building of the set and the filming.

She said: “They found somewhere they wanted to use and I was involved in the legal side, which involved leasing the property from the owners for the duration of the set building and filming.

“I made sure their interests were protected – checking the leases, negotiating with the other side and making sure that the deal came in to place on time so that they could start filming in time for the big Christmas release.

“It’s great to be involved with Red Planet Pictures as they are passionate about the quality of their productions.”

“The work that writer Tony Jordan and the team put in to Dickensian clearly shows in the end result and we hope that its success will lead to further projects.”

A spokesman for Roythornes said: “Kirsten has acted for Red Planet for a number of years now, and they have followed her as she has moved so they must be happy with her work.”