Landlady says last night at Peterborough pub ‘was like being at my own wake’

The Cherry Tree Pub
The Cherry Tree Pub
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The landlady of the Cherry Tree pub which closed its doors for the final time last night has said it ‘broke her heart’ to stop trading - and blamed people staying in watching reality TV for the closure.

The pub on Oundle Road in Woodston rang last orders with a gig by Austin Gold last night.

Janet Goldswain,who has run the pub for four and a half years said the last night was like ‘being at her own wake.

She said: “It wasn’t a difficult decision but it was a heart breaking decision.

“I didn’t want to close, but when it is not making enough money to keep ticking over, you don’t have much choice.

“I think people want to stay in and watch reality TV now at home.

“When you are open all evening for five or six people coming in, you cannot stay open. You have business rates, council tax, wages, utilities, stock and rent - all these things to pay.

“People really are not supporting their local pub any more.

“I held a quiz for Sue Ryder recently. I put posters up, did flyers and I thought the people of Woodston would come out and support it. We only had 30 people in. I was really gutted we didn’t get more people in.”

Janet said she feared the local pub would soon become a thing of the past, as more and more closed down.

She said: “I think it is a dying trade. You can’t really do the ‘Crown to Town’ anymore, because there are hardly any pubs there.

“You see a lot of modernised pubs, with screens on - they are not ‘local’ pubs. We had good staff, good beer, good music and a good atmosphere - a proper traditional, old fashioned pub.

“A lot of people came out last night to say cheerio. Austin Gold were fantastic, but the atmosphere was a bit sombre. It felt a bit like being at my own wake - no-one wanted to come and say a word.

“I have a young family, and for the first time tonight we’ll be curled up on the sofa with chocolate digestive biscuits watching rubbish on tele.

“People need to support their local pubs. People often say they would like to run a pub - I’ve loved every minute of it, but it is very difficult to do.”

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