Joy for family as beloved pooch Heidi is found... in Reading!

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An ecstatic Peterborough family have been reunited with their pet dog who was discovered in Reading after going missing for three weeks.

Three-year-old yellow labrador Heidi, who was believed to have been stolen, was discovered by a woman who called worried owner Amy Philp to tell her the good news and arranged to meet her.

Amy (32) of Werrington said: “When I collected her she was very disorientated, but she knew who I was and was very happy. When we got into Werrington she was so happy.

“I feel so lucky to get her back - I did fear the worst after so long. People tried to keep my spirits up, but with winter coming up as well I did not want her out in the cold.

“A lady called me and said she was in Reading. She said she found her in a field as she was driving home. She saw Heidi being let out of a van.

“She went on social media and recognised the dog and called me the next morning so I went and collected her at the M40 services.”

Heidi had gone missing in Welbourne, Werrington, as Amy and her family returned home from a walk in Cuckoo’s Hollow. Her disappearance left Amy and children Joseph (13), Lucy (7) and Archie (5) devastated, but there was huge joy when Heidi was brought home safe and sound.

Amy said: “The children consider Heidi their sister and they said ‘we have our sister back’.

“They could not believe it. When they came home from school they were cuddling her and she was licking them. It’s just unbelievable.”

The desperate attempts to find Heidi also included putting up posters and advertising a reward of £350.

And it was that support from people in Werrington and beyond which kept Amy going when things seemed bleak.

She added: “It’s amazing how many people helped me. The spirit of the Werrington community and people online - I could not have done it without their help.

“There was a lovely couple who want to remain anonymous who put up the reward money. Even people I did not know helped so much.”