Hampton nursery youngsters help encourage reading

Alice Setchfield, Emily Gibson with pre-school academy children.
Alice Setchfield, Emily Gibson with pre-school academy children.
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Pre-school children from The Hampton Day Nursery visited their local library to encourage interest in books and promote reading skills.

Staff and children from the Hampton Hargate based nursery enjoyed listening to ‘How to Catch a Dragon’ by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves. They then spent some time browsing and choosing some to borrow and read at the nursery.

Heidi Cassidy, the nursery manager, said: “An early interest in books is a great way of promoting literacy and language development in children, and we are very lucky to have such fantastic resources on our doorstep. Children in our Pre-school Academy already visit the mobile library every two weeks to borrow books to read at the nursery and to take home.

“Visiting the main library, seeing the vast amount of exciting books they will soon be reading all by themselves and becoming familiar with the borrowing system will hopefully support children’s interest in reading and encourage them to use the library with their family.”