Festive fun ruined for teenager after cancellation of Peterborough Moonlight Drive-in Cinema

Moonlight cinema
Moonlight cinema
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A teenager looking forward to some festive fun at her first drive-in cinema experience had her evening ruined after discovering the screening had been cancelled without warning.

Celia Willmott from Long Sutton had paid £40 for daughter Eden (18) and her boyfriend to see Elf at the Moonlight Drive-in Cinema in Serpentine Green, Hampton, last night (Tuesday, December 11).

But the couple discovered on arrival at the shopping centre that the show had been cancelled, with Serpentine Green posting on Facebook a few hours before that the entire week’s worth of screenings had now been called off due to circumstances “beyond our control”.

However, nobody from the family had been given a call or email to let them know the show was not going ahead.

Celia said: “We live in Long Sutton and my daughter went all the way there with her boyfriend. She got there and phoned me and said ‘where is it? I can’t find it’.

“She found someone in the car park and they said it wasn’t happening. I went online and found a post from Serpentine Green saying three hours earlier it had all been cancelled.

“It looks like a lot of disappointed people were turning up.

“My daughter phoned the company last week because she could not find the confirmation. She spoke to someone.

“She’s 18. She went off with a bunch of sweets excited to go to her first drive-in. She was in the festive spirit, but now we’ve been left out of pocket for £40.

“It leaves a bitter taste just before Christmas.”

The post on Serpentine Green’s Facebook page last night stated: “CUSTOMER NOTICE - MOONLIGHT DRIVE-IN CINEMAS: Due to circumstances beyond our control, Moonlight Drive-in Cinemas will not be attending Serpentine Green this week (11th - 17th December).

“Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Customers can contact Moonlight Drive-in Cinemas directly on info@moonlightcinema.com or 03330 064608. We will share more information as we receive it.”

Laura Wilshire was another unhappy customer who had expected to see Elf last night. She tweeted to Moonlight: “Turned up for tonight’s showing of Elf, and no one was there. We didn’t receive any cancellation email and had to be told by Serpentine Green staff that @MLdrivein had cancelled their events.”

The company’s website states: “Oh No, You’ve Missed Us!

“We don’t currently have any plans to return to this area, however if you know of a suitable location please do let us know and we will do our best to come back soon :).”

The Peterborough Telegraph has attempted to contact Moonlight Drive-In Cinema to find out why the shows have been cancelled and if people will receive refunds but has so far not received a response.


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