Fast Frankie aims for European glory

Frankie in one of his races
Frankie in one of his races

While other teenagers are tearing around on push bikes, one lad has his hands on something with a bit more ooomph, as he tries to become the fastest schoolboy in Europe.

Young Frankie Fordham can’t hold a driving licence for another four years - but that doesn’t stop the 13-year-old tearing up the track in lightning quick cars competing in the British and European Dragster championships.

Frankie with his trophies

Frankie with his trophies

Despite his young age, Frankie is already a veteran in the sport, having first tried out aged just nine - and now can hit speeds of up to 80mph in his high speed races.

Frankie, from Bourne, said: “I got into drag racing at the age of nine . My parents and grandparents bought me a drag racing experience for my birthday and from that day I was hooked .

“Drag racing isn’t difficult with the need for speed , and I am really grateful for my race team ( Mum and Dad ) who crew for me .”

Frankie’s fledgling career has seen him race across Europe - from Santa Pod in Bedfordshire to Hockenheim in Germany - more famous as a Formula One circuit than a drag strip.

Frankie said: “I am going into my fourth season of racing in my second dragster , a 500cc one cylinder methanol engine, which is capable of doing speeds of 0-60 mph in under three seconds , 1/8th of a mile in seven seconds with speeds over 80 mph.

“We took the decision to race around Europe in 2018 as well as Santa Pod .

“Winning the event in Bad Sobernheim Germany was incredible, and this is where the European career really took off.

“We raced in Clastres, France twice, reaching the quarter finals twice.

“I ended the year at Santa Pod finishing 11th in the national finals , reaching the finals at junior fun day and the semi- finals at the National Finals .”

To help his career as a speedster, Frankie is now home educated, and has ambitions to reach the top of his sport.

He said: “My ambition is to complete the junior class in two years time and go into Super Comp which will see me doing speeds of 160 mph, and a quarter of a mile in eight seconds .

“My ultimate goal as an adult is Top Fuel - a top fuel dragster will reach speeds of 300 mph in 3.9 seconds.”

He added: “This year will begin with brand new sponsors on board, which spurs me on further to get some race wins in.

“ I am particularly looking forward to racing in Hockenheim with a huge audience of race fans.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank sincerely, my sponsors and I am looking forward to a huge 2019 with them by my side EDF Motorsports Adrenalin Clothing Zero Limits Carbon Fibre CSP Detailing System Royal Purple Oil.”