Family ‘shaken’ after BMW ploughs through garden wall and lands on top of their car

A mum has described her horror after a BMW ploughed through her front garden wall and landed on top of her partner’s car.

Friday, 14th June 2019, 1:23 pm

Francesca Konieczny (29) and her two children, Freddie, aged two, and Evie Hardy, aged four, were left “shaken” after the £25,000 car careered through the brick wall.

The male driver had sped off a nearby mini-roundabout and lost control of his car which forced him to swerve towards Francesca’s home landing on top of their blue Peugeot 206.

Francesca said she heard a “loud bang” and ran out to confront the driver after he climbed out of his BMW 3 series uninjured.

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The crash in Wisbech. Photo: SWNS

She said: “I told him ‘I have to walk down this road, if it had been 12 o’clock I would have been with my daughter’.

“It is absolutely shocking. The driver jumped out and he was fine, I think he was a bit shaken up.”

Francesca’s partner Barry Hardy’s blue Peugeot 206 car has since been written off.

Francesca, from Wisbech, said she was preparing dinner her family on Tuesday at around 6.15pm.

The crash in Wisbech. Photo: SWNS

She said: “My kids were watching telly in the front room and I was in the other room and then next thing you know there was a big bang.

“And the way my daughter screamed I thought she had been hurt.

“My daughter took a lot of calming down and she will not discuss what happened.

“She was absolutely terrified, it was horrible. If the my partner’s car wasn’t there the car could have been in my front room where my children were.

Francesca Konieczny with partner Barry Hardy and children Freddie and Evie Hardy. Photo: SWNS

“It was awful, I was shaking so much I think I had adrenaline going.”

Francesca lives in Wistaria Road near a mini-roundabout - it has a 30mph speed limit on her road which she said is often used as an area for speedy drivers.

She added: “I can’t understand how it ended up that a car was on top of our one.

“If it hadn’t have been a nice day it could’ve been so much worse, people could have been walking around.

“Someone has already died, how many more deaths is it going to take?”

She said that the cars are driving around roundabout too quickly and that she hears more than 20 cars a day screech around it.

Francesca is now calling for more speed reduction measures on her road.

She said the police did attend the scene, but the driver of the BMW was allowed on his way as he passed a roadside drugs and alcohol test.

Francesca added: “He drove his car home. After the recovery truck came and lifted the car, he drove it home. I couldn’t believe it.”

However, the driver has insisted that he was not speeding and was driving at 20mph as he was making the turn around the roundabout.

He added: “The weather conditions and cars parked so close to the roundabout played a big role as I didn’t see the van parked so close to the roundabout.

“I swerved away and lost control because of the wet road surface and crashed.”

The mother said she is “fed up” and is calling for people to “slow down”. She believes police should be doing more to target dangerous driving.

She said: “People going fast like that all the time, the way some cars go round that roundabout is ridiculous.

“These roads are absolutely terrible, people just go as fast as they can, there is a nursery nearby as well.

“There are speed bumps down our road but you can go over them without slowing down.

“The police can’t do anything, we have to do it through insurance because when the police were here, they were here for only 10 minutes.

“Because there was no alcohol or drugs found in his system the police couldn’t do anything, so going through insurance so he can learn it that way, when his insurance goes up in price.”

A Cambridgeshire police spokesperson said: “We were called at 6.08pm on June 11 to reports of a collision on Wisteria Road, Wisbech. A BMW had collided with the wall of a house before also colliding with a parked car.

“The driver of the BMW was uninjured.”