Empire medal for firefighter

A firefighter who has been on call to save residents lives for more than three decades has been honoured.

Sunday, 19th June 2016, 1:00 pm
Tony De Matteis ENGEMN00120111123112941

Tony De Matteis (54) of Gunthorpe was awarded the British Empire Medal for his 32 years service to the Peterborough Volunteer Fire Brigade.

He has been honoured for his dedication - shown by him staying sober during the celebrations for his honour as he was on call.

Tony said:” About five weeks ago I received a letter from the Cabinet Office.

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“It came out of the blue, but was a pleasant surprise.

“Peterborough is unique in having a voluntary fire brigade. The award is for the team, but also dedicated to my family who have had to put up with me having to drop everything to go and help save lives or property.”

Tony said his family had been very proud of his achievements.

He said: “My daughters were born when I was in the service, so they have grown up with me doing it.

“We had a few friends over on Saturday, and went through a few bottles of champagne - although I could only have half a glass as I was on call.”