Elderly Peterborough residents left without power during bank holiday

Fengate Mobile Home Park
Fengate Mobile Home Park
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A power cut left elderly Peterborough residents without electricity for much of the bank holiday.

The lack of power has made life difficult for residents at Fengate Mobile Home Park after it went down on Sunday morning.

Power was intermittent since then but was fully functioning on Tuesday afternoon.

A spokesman for the park said the outage had affected less than a quarter of the 99 homes and that residents had been looked after as they waited for the power to return.

But one person who has had limited power for 48 hours said he was annoyed and angry with the park’s management.

He said: “It’s been complete isolation - no radio or TV. I just sit and try and keep warm. I have a good mind.”

The resident added that one resident was in more pain with her arthritis and he was also unhappy with the communication he had received from the management,

In addition, he said the food in his fridge and freezer had gone off.

The power is said to have come back on before 5pm on Tuesday.

A park spokesman said: “We can confirm there has been intermittent supply problems in the park but no home has been without power all the time since Sunday.

“When we did lose one phase on Sunday night not all of the park was without electricity.

“The owner supplied specialist cables and residents then shared their electricity with those who did not have it on the park.

“Due to the bank holiday, locating a specialist cable team was very difficult. We did have several electricians on site during that time and we had a specialist team that came from Essex outside but they could not resolve the issue due to needing specialist test machinery that was not available.”

The spokesman said the problem was a damaged underground cable and that due to the power-sharing arrangement residents had had power for at least six hours since the problems began.

He said extra people had been brought in to make sure residents were safe, that tea and coffee facilities were set up and that people have been kept up to date with what was happening.

A spokeswoman for the UK Power Networks said: “UK Power Networks engineers were called to Fengate Mobile Home Park in Peterborough on two occasions on Sunday - at 9.17am and at 4.11pm - following interruptions to power.

“On both occasions, the engineers worked as quickly and as safely as possible to replace two pieces of electrical equipment.”

The park spokesman said UK Power Network were called because the cabling problem in the park was blowing the power network’s fuses.

UK Power Network was also trying to restore power to three homes in Werrington after receiving reports of a power cut was at 8.26am.

A spokeswoman said: “We appreciate how difficult it is to be without power and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”