Earth arrives at Peterborough Cathedral

Gaia at Peterborough Cathedral
Gaia at Peterborough Cathedral

Residents can see the Earth like never before at Peterborough Cathedral after an art installation was revealed today.

The Gaia exhibition opened today, with giant globe installed in the catherdal.

The work is by Luke Jerram, the artist behind Museum of the Moon, which was installed at the Cathedral last year.

Visitors to the Cathedral got their first view of Gaia at 10am, but it will come to life at the grand opening later in the evening.

There will be a special soundtrack played while the ‘Earth’ rotates.

The seven metre diameter globe has been created using NASA imagery .

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The artwork will be free to view during the day. There are also numerous evening opening dates when the artwork can be seen to its full advantage, with its internal light glowing as dusk falls. The specially made surround- sound composition by BAFTA award winning composer Dan Jones will also be played, and on many evenings there will be the opportunity to go ‘Up to the Northern Hemisphere’, climbing the steps to the next level of the Cathedral to take in the stunning view.

Luke Jerram said: “I hope visitors to Gaia get to see the Earth as if from space; an incredibly beautiful and precious place. An ecosystem we urgently need to look after – our only home.

“Halfway through the Earth’s six mass extinction, we urgently need to wake up, and change our behaviour. We need to quickly make the changes necessary, to prevent run away Climate Change.”

Dean of Peterborough, the Very Rev Chris Dalliston added: “I’d like to invite anyone who comes to see it, to spend time reflecting on the beauty of the Earth and the wonderfully rich, but fragile, planet we inhabit.”

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