Drive for cash for county’s Young Carers

The Barnetts team
The Barnetts team
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Carers Trust Cambridgeshire are launching their Cash Quest 2018 initiative, in a bid to raise raise funds to support local young carers.

The Carers Trust are giving businesses, schools, groups and individuals the chance to apply for a £50 start-up fund. The challenge will then be to turn the £50 into as much money as possible in 12 weeks.

The money raised will go towards supporting the city’s young carers, funding trips, support and groups by the Carers Trust. The trust currently supports over 500 young carers across Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, and the majority of their work is funded by donations.

Beth, 17, spoke about her experience of the charity saying: “I started caring when I was five as my mum became depressed when my dad died when he was in the army. When my brother was born, he was diagnosed at two with Asperger’s which was when I started going to Young Carers. “I’ve been in counselling since I was five, but being involved with Young Carers helps because it helps me to control my anxiety. Being part of the Forum puts me into situations I would never typically put myself in, which helps with my confidence – and I’ve made nearly all my best friends here and it’s a place I can escape and feel accepted.”

Last year Ramsey based Barnett hairdressers raised £44 by holding a coffee morning and £188 by holding a raffle.

This helped to pay towards running a group for young carers helping them to recognise they are not alone and exploring a life a beyond caring. Just raising £50 for the Carers Trust could pay for a creative therapy session for a young carer, this could help them express themselves and share their experiences * To find out more information email