Dashing dachshund Mash from Peterborough shines in national competition

Dashing dachshund Mash
Dashing dachshund Mash
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A miniature dachshund from Peterborough has caught the eye of the judges of the nationwide #PappedPets competition, which is currently showcasing the nation’s most photogenic pets.

Mash is one of over 80 pets already entered into the competition, which has seen entries from owners of dogs, cats, a donkey and even a hedgehog.

Mash’s owner Kristi Oxborough said: “The photo was taken last summer. My sister had bought a new bike and the basket was a little small for her dog Humphrey to fit in, he’s a Lakeland terrier. So I popped Mash in there to try it out for size. It’s one of my favourite shots.

“Mash is a very cuddly dog and likes to sleep under a blanket. Never really got the hang of the ‘go fetch’ playing with a stick. But that’s a trait of the breed too, they like to do their own thing, on their terms. He will humour his human (me) with playing with a ball though, every now and then.

“He’s always by my side. Literally. Dachshunds are a very loyal breed. He makes me smile every day; his little wrinkly legs, silly nose and his eyebrows. He’s a lapdog, my little hot water bottle and pretty much rules the roost.”

The winner of #PappedPets, run by Budget Insurance, will win a £300 photoshoot with their pet.

“We love this picture of Mash getting ready for a ride,” says Budget Insurance Marketing Manager Libby Morley.

“In these grey and gloomy winter days he’s really cheered us up and we wanted to find out more about him.

“We’d like to wish Mash and Kristi the best of luck in the competition.”

The competition is open until midnight on February 10 and you can enter by posting your photo with #PappedPets on Budget Insurance’s Facebook page. Terms and conditions apply. A gallery of entries, featuring Mash and a host of other pets, is available at www.budgetinsurance.com/blog