Couple from Bourne celebrate winning £300,000

Lee and Clare Pick celebrate winning �300,000 EMN-150212-165207001
Lee and Clare Pick celebrate winning �300,000 EMN-150212-165207001
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A lucky man from Bourne is upgrading Christmas and looking forward to giving his family a life-changing 2016 after he revealed a £300,000 prize on a National Lottery instant win game.

Site maintenance worker Lee Pick, 45 , was doing a night shift when he discovered life for himself, wife Clare (42) and their five children, was about to shift up a gear with a £300,000 win.

Taking a break in the wee hours of the morning Lee decided to play an Instant Win Game from National Lottery GameStore on his mobile phone. When that came up with a small win, he opted for a Cashword Red before starting work again.

A delighted Lee said: “It was just a bit of a whim to pass the time. On the Cashword Red I had to reveal various letters to make winner words, a bit like a word search. The first win was £40 and I was well chuffed, then as I carried on playing I kept getting winning words and the win started to accumulate. It took about three minutes to complete and by the end I had 12 words and was £300,000 richer!”

Although wealthier than he’d ever imagined, discovering the win at 1am had its drawbacks, Lee had to wait for seven hours before he was able to call Camelot to verify the win.

He said: “I work alone so there was nobody to share the news with at work and I didn’t want to wake Clare so I spent the rest of the shift pacing about like a headless chicken! I was convinced it was an elaborate hoax but that didn’t stop me from using the phone to look at houses, caravans and holidays that we could buy if it did actually turn out to be true.”

Once Lee arrived home and managed to convince Clare that the family fortunes had literally changed overnight he wasted no time making those ‘middle of the night dreams’ a reality.

He said:“Clare and I knew the type of house we’d like to live in so had a look online, found a perfect four-bed detached house and have already put an offer on it. If all goes to plan, the Pick family will be kicking off 2016 in a new home, a home we could once have only dreamt of. Now that’s got to be the best Christmas present a Lincolnshire lad could ask for!”

“As far as Christmas goes we had most of the shopping done but with this little dose of magic we can upgrade our Christmas plans a touch. And as I’m self-employed I can afford to take a bit more time off to spend with the family which will be the best present I could ask for!”