Cat ‘crisis’ in Peterborough as high demand forces rescue centre to close its doors

Phoebe, who needs a new home
Phoebe, who needs a new home
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Peterborough is facing a “cat crisis” it has been claimed due to the high number of vulnerable animals needing support.

Peterborough Cat Rescue, a volunteer run charity which helps to re-home stray and unwanted cats in the city and the surrounding area, said it has been forced to close its doors for the third time in the past couple of months as it does not have a single space left, even after re-homing 81 cats/kittens last month.

Samson, who needs a new home

Samson, who needs a new home

The charity, which claimed there is a “cat crisis in Peterborough”, said it had received an “extraordinary” number of cats.

It added: “We have to ask ourselves why this is so bad and we will not even get close to solving it unless we can get more cats neutered - it truly is the only way.

“The amount of cats we have had into our small rescue this year has been extraordinary and shows the state Peterborough and the surrounding area is in.

“We do our best to help as many cats as possible and we have had periods of 100 kittens during the summer period and they are still coming in.

“We have lots of lovely cats looking for homes and we will work actively to find good homes for them, but until we can do that our doors are sadly closed.”

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