Campaigners to protest in Peterborough against foie gras imports

Geese at a foie gras farm. Photo: Animal Equality
Geese at a foie gras farm. Photo: Animal Equality
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A protest is being held in Peterborough tomorrow (Saturday) against the imports of foie gras.

(WARNING: The video may be distressing for some viewers).

Activists from animal protection group Animal Equality will be in Cathedral Square from noon to 2pm calling for a ban on imports to the UK.

It is currently illegal to produce foie gras here but bringing it into the country is allowed.

Foie Gras is a delicacy made from the livers of geese or ducks that have been fattened with grain by force-feeding.

The Peterborough protest is part of a national campaign this weekend, with campaigners calling on Environment Secretary Michael Gove to 'Make Britain Foie Gras free’.

Local activist Simon Barkham is coordinating the event in Peterborough. He said: “I don’t understand why the UK imports foie gras when less than 10 per cent of us eat it.

"No animal should be put through a life of torture, especially not for a totally unnecessary product like foie gras. Everyone should come and sign a postcard to Mr Gove on the 6th and add their voice to the call for a foie gras import ban by signing the petition.”

Dr Toni Shephard, executive director of Animal Equality UK, said: “It is high time for the Government to bring a ban on this cruel product into force. Although it is illegal to produce foie gras in the UK we are essentially condoning the suffering of ducks and geese by importing it. As a nation of animal lovers this cannot continue any longer.”

The campaign group's petition can be signed here.