Bretton Water Park to re-open after travellers leave park for Orton Brimbles

Travellers at Bretton Park
Travellers at Bretton Park
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Travellers have left Bretton Park and moved on to a field in Orton Brimbles.

The park will now be cleaned, meaning that Bretton Water Park can re-open tomorrow (Thursday, August 12) having been shut for the past few days due to the travellers being nearby.

Peterborough City Council will now discuss the defences at the park after locks on a gate were forced open, although the council said it could not be sure who had broken the locks.

The travellers, who were in four caravans and two motor homes, were not sent to an Emergency Stopping Place because they had been given direction to leave and had done so, according to the council, following a mandatory health and welfare check.

A spokesman said: “The group of travellers have left Bretton Park and teams will be cleaning the area with the view of re-opening the water park as soon as possible.

“Locks on a gate onto the park had been forced but we are still investigating whether this is how the travellers gained access.

“A meeting on improving defences for Bretton Park, with a range of partners and keyholders, will be arranged. New locks have been installed on the gate.

“The travellers left after they were issued with a direction to leave from the council.

“However, we now believe the same group has moved to an area in Orton Brimbles.

“We will be on site this morning to carry out health and welfare checks and will then begin the eviction process.”

This was the second occasion in the past couple of months where travellers have forced the closure of Bretton Water Park, although this is a different group to the first.

After the last set of travellers had left Bretton the council told groups who held keys to the site to be extra vigilant, but no new safety measures were put in.

The latest set of travellers, who had left the park by Wednesday morning, are now believed to be on land by Sunningdale, Chandlers and Vetchfield in Orton Brimbles.

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