Boundless Fun for Peterborough children with disabilities

Children and parents at Boundless Fun
Children and parents at Boundless Fun

A children’s charity and a support group came together to hold a joint event for children with special educational needs.

Little Miracles and Spectrum of Love co-hosted the event at Boundless Fun in Manasty Road, Orton Southgate, with children and parents allowed in for free.

The youngsters were able to make use of a soft play area, trampolines and bouncy castle.

Angela Allen, who co-founded Spectrum of Love, said: “It was a great turnout with children of all ages and with various disabilities attending for free with their families to enjoy the facilities and make new friendships. We were also given free hotdogs and squash.

“Vik and Sumi (management) put on this event because they wholeheartedly value the need for a venue which is safe and understanding as well as welcoming of all disabilities and the large spectrum of disabilities a child may face.

“They wish to provide a space where children can be themselves and can enjoy their childhood just like their peers who do not face any difficulties.

“As founder of Spectrum of Love and mummy to a disabled child, I have found this venue to be so accommodating - they turn down the lights and turn down or off music and are wanting to learn about autism and other conditions in a way I have not experienced before.”