After Peterborough motorist wins court battle: Nine tips for appealing private parking tickets

Ten days ago the Peterborough Telegraph reported on motorist Sam Young who won a court battle after being fined for parking at Wentworth Street car park by Britannia Parking.

Sunday, 29th September 2019, 1:03 pm
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Mr Young received a parking charge notice despite claiming ticket machines were not working in the car park, and that nobody answered when he tried to call the company. The article can be read here - Now, motoring experts LeaseVan have issued these nine pieces of advice on how to help drivers appeal unfair private parking tickets.

It's much more difficult to try to recoup money you've already handed over, so contest an unfair charge before making any payment.
Only councils have the official authority to issue parking fines. A ticket issued by a private company is simply an invoice. If you're confident the ticket was unfair write to the company and make it clear why you won't be paying

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If a parking firm is employed by a shop, hospital or attraction, for example, contact where you parked up directly.They may overrule and cancel it if you're a loyal customer, have an excuse or if it could damage their reputation
If tickets are paid within 2 weeks, a minimum 40 per cent reduction must be offered. Appeals don't extend this 14-day window, so only pursue your case if you're confident or can afford the full amount if unsuccessful.
In extreme cases, a private parking company could take you to court to claim the money they believe they're owed. But if youre convinced you're in the right and willing to spend the time fighting, you don't have to back down.
Rather than writing an angry letter or quickly filling out forms, it could help your cause to conduct some legal research. Include certain phrases and make a clear, well supported argument with precedent alongside your evidence.
If the parking ticket issuer has made a clear error, breached their own or industry rules, or broken the law at any point, this could help your cause or even invalidate your ticket
Take photographs of your vehicle, the car park, bays, signage, entrances, conditions, circumstances - anything that could prove your case. Keep copies of all correspondence, receipts and any witness statements too.
Correspondence demanding payment from a car park operator or debt collection agency are complaints over a billing row. They can't send bailiffs or damage your credit score, unless they take you to court, win and you refuse to pay