Orton crash leaves street lights out until December

Cllr Gavin Elsey
Cllr Gavin Elsey
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Street lights in Orton Souhtgate could be out until the middle of December after a car crashed into a feeder station supplying power to lights.

The crash happened on Brimbles Way, near the Ortongate Shopping Centre, that resulted in extensive damage to the street lighting and the feeder pillar that provides power to the neighbouring area on Sunday October 25.

A Peterborough City Council spokesman said: “The streets affected are Brimbles Way, Orton Parkway, Newcombe Way, Paxton Road and the local subways under the Orton Centre roundabout.

“Due to the specialist equipment required to repair the damage to the pillar, this fault will not be able to be repaired until mid-December at the earliest.

“However, works will be undertaken earlier should any opportunity arise.”

Councillor Gavin Elsey, cabinet member for digital, waste, and street scene, represents the Orton Waterville ward where the accident happened.
He said: “It is a concern, but it is what it is. You can’t legislate for someone totalling their car and the impact that has on the area.

“We have budget constraints, but I am sure Highways are working to rectify the situation as soon as possible.”