World of Sport: Darren Ferguson and fickle fans

Peterborough United Manager Darren Ferguson. Photo: Chris Radburn/PA Wire.
Peterborough United Manager Darren Ferguson. Photo: Chris Radburn/PA Wire.
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Football fans, and journalists, often see their opinions thrown back into their faces by events. You don’t hear from Newcastle’s Alan Pardew knockers so much these days or those West Ham fans who abused Sam Allardyce so regularly last season.

We’re all very fickle you see, and we’re all prone to making rash comments on social media in the heat of the moment without having the grace to admit we’re wrong.

Posh boss Darren Ferguson (right) doesn’t ‘do’ Twitter which is just as well if only to keep his relationship with his chairman on an even keel.

What possessed Darragh MacAnthony to blast Ferguson and his staff on the final whistle last Saturday is anyone’s guess. He’s a passionate fan like the rest of us and he’s far more entitled to his opinion than most of us, but all he succeeded in doing was heaping pressure on a man he awarded a four-year contract to only last summer.

Let’s be honest Fergie’s own form has been as poor as the team’s in recent weeks. I am sometimes as baffled by his team selections and tactics as the next man, but I don’t see what would be achieved by sacking him, apart from appeasing the whingers and moaners who would turn on the next manager as soon as he failed to generate instant improvement.

I reckon 18 first-team players have missed games because of injury in a season that is just 18 games old, including the team’s best player who would surely have led the donkeys in the Swindon defence a merry dance last weekend. That sort of misfortune would test Mourinho. This on top of last season’s best player being sold two days before the start of a new campaign

Obviously fans who pay far too much for League One football are entitled to have a moan when watching boring, ineffective football, but by attacking Fergie they are effectively attacking MacAnthony’s judgement which is a shame as he is probably all that stands between Posh and Conference football.

And the Posh people who really get on my nerves are those that find fault with the CV of the most successful manager in the club’s history.

By all means have a go at Fergie’s current form, but don’t try and knock the legacy of a man who has never led Posh to a lower position in League One than sixth.

Many say he is lucky to be backed by MacAnthony’s financial muscle, but if money was all that mattered Manchester City would win the Champions League.

Many also say he was fortunate to inherit the Holy Trinity which is true up to a point. Keith Alexander deserves great praise for identifying Aaron Mclean, Craig Mackail-Smith and George Boyd as potential stars, but does anyone really believe a long-ball boss would have turned them into three of the greatest entertainers in the club’s history?

Mackail-Smith couldn’t trap a ball, couldn’t finish and didn’t appear to understand the offside law when he first arrived at London Road.