Wonderful Woakes, delightful Dina, miserable McIlroy

Delightful Dina Asher-Smith.
Delightful Dina Asher-Smith.
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England could well hammer India 5-0 in this current Test series.

With one glaring exception, the Indian batsmen look clueless against the moving ball, a fact that magnifies the sheer pointlessness of the Test ranking system. Put these same players up against each other this winter in India and the result would be reversed. Home advantage has skewed results so badly no team has the right to be called the world’s best.

Wonderful Chris Woakes.

Wonderful Chris Woakes.

England have been outstanding again in English conditions. It doesn’t mean for one minute we are going to succeed in Sri Lanka in our next series. Nor for that matter are we guaranteed to win in the West Indies which can now became a trial of spin, something we should fear.


While the nasty Ben Stokes affair was rumbling on, England needed to divert attention by a) winning well and b) finding an all-rounder to thrill the nation so well done Chris Woakes of Warwickshire. He destroyed India with bat and ball to earn a deserved man-of-the-match award in the second Test at Lord’s. A thoroughly nice chap as well apparently, the opposite of Stokes.


Dina Asher-Smith was a delight to watch at the European Championships. Talented and always smiling. Hopefully she can continue improving and challenge the top Americans for the spint titles at the top events.


But what a miserable figure Rory McIlroy cut again at the USPGA Championships. The course was supposed to suit his style - all power, no guile - but he now looks less likely to win a Major than a 46 year-old with a bad back.


It’s hard work watching Andy Murray lose to players he used to beat easily, but if anyone has the guts and desire to get back to the top it’s him.