Why I want to do more for the area - Nigel Simons

Eye, Thorney and Newborough Conservative candidate Nigel Simons
Eye, Thorney and Newborough Conservative candidate Nigel Simons
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I’m no stranger to the city having lived here all my life and I believe that I have a good grasp of the issues that face us all as citizens of Peterborough as we go about our daily lives.

To that end, I have decided to stand as the Conservative Party Candidate in the forthcoming Peterborough City Council by-election for Eye, Thorney & Newborough and if I may I will explain why.

I live in the ward with my family at French Drove in Thorney and I also sit as a Parish Councillor in Thorney, so I feel I contribute already but I want to do more.

My father, George Simons, was a long-standing city councillor and Mayor in 2012/2013.

My sister has also been a city councillor, so some might say getting involved in the city’s affairs runs in the family.

If elected, it is my intention to work alongside the current Ward councillors Steve Allen and Richard Brown strengthening the Conservative team to achieve the best outcomes for all residents of the ward.

Residents deserve hard working, committed councillors working together as a team - a team who together will have real influence with the city council.

I genuinely do care about the things you care about: speeding issues in all our villages and across the city, the importance of standing firm against further housing developments without REAL infrastructure in place first; the need for robust action to control fly tipping with the culprits apprehended and prosecuted; and the importance of overdue improvements to our local roads with better maintenance of roadside verges, shrubbery and hedges.

I want to be part of a team; taking nothing for granted and to ensure common sense action on behalf of all residents of the ward.

None of this is easy to achieve and, of course, particularly with ever diminishing council budgets things are certainly tough for everyone right now.

If, like me though, you believe in Conservative values of hard work and supporting your family whilst at the same time helping those that need genuine support from government and / or the local authority then you must vote Conservative on September 7. I am not going to promise the earth and nor will I be able solve all the problems in the city, but I can assure you I would be a committed and hardworking councillor and act in the best interests of all areas of the ward to ensure Eye, Thorney & Newborough are not Peterborough’s forgotten villages. If you want to know more about my ideas then please do get in touch with me on 07850 878 115.