We need Bobbies on the beat in Peterborough

Paul Bristow (left)
Paul Bristow (left)
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We all know that there’s much to be done to tackle crime and crack down on anti-social behaviour, writes Paul Bristow, prospective Conservative parliamentary candidate.

So, at this crucial time for Peterborough, we need our politicians to take a proactive approach to solving our city’s problems.

With 105 new officers joining Cambridgeshire Constabulary by the end of April, there is progress being made.

That’s something we can build on, by working together with the police, the council and our communities.

So at this important time for Peterborough I’ve been clear, we need our police on the beat with the extra resources they need to catch criminals and take them off our streets.

That includes battling the drugs and gang culture in parts of the city, making sure that nobody gets away with criminal activity, or benefits from it.

It means catching dangerous drivers and making sure they’re off our roads.

So our streets are safe for everyone, day or night.

And it’s about cracking down on anti-social behaviour, with a no tolerance approach to law breaking.

Last weekend I met with residents concerned about speeding where they live.

The area around Mayors Walk, Priory Road and Grange Road has been a hotspot for dangerous driving.

It is an issue that we need to get a grip on across Peterborough.

Together with local councillors and the team at Peterborough City Council, we got a better sense of what needs to change to make the area a better and safer place to live.

It was a positive start to dealing with this important issue.

Thousands of residents are already sharing their priorities about crime and anti-social behaviour in my ongoing safer streets survey.

I’ve heard a range of views, including how safe people feel in their neighbourhoods at night, and suggestions on how we can better combat crime in the city.

I’ve been making sure the survey results are shared with the council and the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Because residents agree, playing politics with such an important issue won’t get us very far.

But, by pulling together with an action plan for the future, we can get things done in Peterborough.