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I launched As and When in November to make finding help and contribution our skills, knowledge and talents, an easier process. I myself have been in both positions, in regards to needing help but also wanting to give back to society, writes Zoe Phillips - Corporate & Life Coach, Founder of As and When.

Monday, 7th May 2018, 6:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 5:34 pm
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As a single mum and woman trying to juggle life, family and a business, I understood you can’t possibly know how to do everything, but I was unsure of who would or could help and guide me.

I also wanted to give back using the skills and knowledge I had gained, mainly because these personal development skills had helped build my confidence and enabled me to find my purpose. I have always enjoyed helping others, and to feel useful adds value to my life.

So, I wanted to find out if others felt the same?

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They do!

I have been delighted by the response of people, who have benefitted through our sharing economy by both asking for help and contributing, most of our users have done both.

Recent exchanges include Lizzy receiving help with 
photography from Stuart; Kim received help with marketing from Emma; Emma is helping Ria with marketing; Dean is helping Nick with business advice; Tim received help with t-shirt creation from Dean; Lizzie helped Lucy declutter her home; James helped Lucy paint her fence and shed; Jack helped Tim with a new logo for his charity; Lucy has knitted some hats for the YMCA; Jotty received a one hour free workshop on confidence building from Kim; Lizzie helped Zoe with Blogging; Parveen gave Ria a vegan cookery lesson; Andrew is helping Ria with business coaching.

So, to celebrate our successes and hear more about how you can join the community of collaborators - working together increases success - we are holding an event at The Peterborough Greyhound Stadium on May 16, from 6-9pm.

The idea is to bring people together in one place, no mean feat, but an amazing opportunity, to connect and collaborate in the name of improving our city!

The evening will be a celebration of As and When collaborators and people who make our city great!

We have presentations by The YMCA Trinity Group and Lizzie Benton, workplace Wellbeing Mentor. Nicole Lawrence an amazing talent, will entertain us while we enjoy food inspired by Peterborough Telegraph columnist Parveen the Spice Queen.

More at https://ctdpboro.eventbrite.co.uk