‘The truth about EDL myths’ - Abdul Muquaddas Choudhuri, Chairman Faizan e Madinah mosque

Protests in Peterborough passed off peacefully on Saturday
Protests in Peterborough passed off peacefully on Saturday

Aa expected EDL came to Peterborough on Saturday to have their third protest march . This group are well known for their undesirable activities, racial hatred and destroying the harmonious relationship in the country and indeed in Peterborough as they have come here before and left the city in a humiliating way as the people of Peterborough just ignored them.

This time their humiliation was even worse than in the previous year as they could muster only a couple of dozen people and I believe most, if not all of them, were from outside Peterborough.

This is the group which was described by former Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010 as ‘terrible people who incite hatred’.

It goes without saying that almost 100 per cent decent minded people of Peterborough from all communities detest their views and we hope the humiliation will deter them from coming back to Peterborough.

It would have been better if there was no counter protest march as was decided by the Joint Mosque Group which did not participate.

Everyone has the right in a democratic society to march peacefully on the issues which concern the people and present the true facts and seek their help to resolve the issues. But the EDL march is neither peaceful nor concerning the most decent people of Peterborough. EDL’s tactics are to provoke people and create violence and get in to media headlines.

1. Sexual grooming and abuse of English girls by Muslim men.

EDL myth 1- three trials took place in Peterborough and that they are going to speak against “rape jihad”

Response. This is NOT the true picture. Muslim men were not the only culprits, there were people of other religions as well. Nevertheless their actions were most disgraceful, shameful and non Islamic.

The Muslim community in Peterborough was the first to condemn in the strongest terms their evil actions and demanded that such people should be punished most severely. All these people were given very long sentences- totalling over 100 years - and they deserve every minute of that sentence.

The families and the community have disowned these people.

This is the first time I have heard the term “rape jihad”. Only a twisted minded person can create such a term. Rape is a most heinous crime whereas Jihad is something you fight against evil.

Let me show EDL another picture. Remember Jimmy Savile and many other high profile people, some of them linked with churches, and their evil actions against most vulnerable people including young boys and girls, some of which goes back years and years in history. Even a former prime minister would have been interviewed under caution had he been still alive over alleged child sex abuse.

This report was compiled by police at the cost of several million pounds of tax payers’ money. What was the nationality and religion of the culprits?

We have not seen EDL marching against all such people because this organisation is simply anti Muslims, anti Islam. On the other hand, unlike them we believe the actions of such a small minority of people has nothing to do with the great religion of Christianity, or decent English people, as criminals have no religion.

2. Female Genital Mutilation-FGM

EDL myth 2. “Dozens of women have been identified as being victims of FGM in Peterborough in 2017 according to local media” and that “there has been no prosecutions”.

Response - Again untrue. FGM is a non-Islamic practice and such practices take place in some of the African countries. Islam does not allow FGM. Unlike your organisation, we have full faith in British police and the judiciary of this country, both of these institutions are second to none in the world.

If the police have any evidence of such criminal activities taking place in Peterborough, no doubt they will bring such people to justice. They do not need people like you to come to Peterborough and tell them to do their jobs. Our understanding is that according to the NHS, such activities took place outside the UK.

3. Attack on English lads by group of Peterborough Muslims

EDL myth 3. “There have been two recent assaults on English lads by group of Muslims in Yaxley and demand freedom from bullying for English lads”.

Response. Again an untrue allegation .There has been no mention in the local press that the gang of 30 were Asians, let alone Muslims-and the same story appeared the local press the following day again not mentioning that the alleged attackers were Muslims.

I know full well the Cambridgeshire Constabulary and its seniors officer, and know how they operate and work with all the people and all the communities and they do not need lectures from people like the EDL who have nothing to do with Peterborough or the decent people of Peterborough.

Do you know how many Muslim boys and girls, women and men are bullied in schools, colleges and other places and how many have been physically assaulted? The Muslim communities do not go on protest demonstration in Peterborough as we have full faith in the police to handle the situation. It was also reported how the worshippers of Faizan e Madinah Mosque helped the police to arrest the drug dealing people in the area . Because of worshipers they were all convicted and police were full of praise for Muslim people.

4. Terrorism in UK

EDL myth 4. Since March till September 2017, 34 people have been killed and some 377 wounded by “Islamic” terrorists.

Response. Yes, it is a most despicable act to kill even a single person let alone the figure being mentioned. The teaching of Islam clearly states that to kill a single innocent person is equal to killing all mankind. Here again Muslims were the first to condemn acts of any kind of terrorism and stated time and again that such people should be punished.

The worshipers at Faizan e Madinah Mosque immediately raised £1000 for the victims of the Manchester attack and other Muslim organisations raised thousands of pounds for the victims. What was EDL’s contribution?

What will you call that guy Stephen Paddock in Las Vegas who killed 58 people and injured more than 500 in just a few minutes in a pre planned attack? This figure far exceeds the figure you stated in your leaflet. Thus according to your own thinking whereas several “Muslim” terrorist killed 34 people in 7 months yet a “Christian” terrorist killed 58 in a few minutes. That is your thinking, not mine, as I believe a killer or a criminal has no religion.

There has never been any single act of terrorism in Peterborough, yet you have come to Peterborough to demonstrate against terrorism.

Let me finally send the EDL a clear message from the people of Peterborough to stay away forever from our beautiful city where people of all nationalities, religions colour and creed are living in a very peaceful and harmonious way. Do not disrupt our peace. Do not let hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers money be wasted on police to provide you with protection- money which could be used in many more useful ways. Give up your illogical way of thinking and do something good for society where people will appreciate your good deeds. Learn something from those several hundred non-Muslim people -young, old , male ,females who visit our Mosques every month and attend our seminars, conferences and open days.

Just look at the contribution the Muslim people are making for the wellbeing of Peterborough by generating money and employment being created by Muslim business people, providing the services to NHS, schools, and many other fields.

Ask the police, the local authorities, the churches, the schools , colleges and other institutions how the Mosques of Peterborough and Muslim communities are working closely for the betterment of all people of Peterborough.

Do not look on the criminal activities of a few people which are in every society including your own organisation. If your organisation is called “English Defence” then behave like true English gentlemen and go to the defence of the country by joining the armed forces, and live up to your name.