The man behind the mic: Predictions make us live in hope

Peterborough Telegraph's Man behind the mic column by Paul Stainton, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire breakfast show host -
Peterborough Telegraph's Man behind the mic column by Paul Stainton, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire breakfast show host -
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Many of you, I am sure, will be glad to see the back of 2014’s sorry posterior and are looking forward, with renewed hope and vigour, to a New Year full of promise.

But what will the next 12 months have to offer? Perhaps a new job is on the horizon for some or the pitter patter of tiny feet?

Maybe Gary Lineker will fully morph into Jimmy Hill, one Saturday night on Match of The Day, and hopefully somebody who knows the difference between a fiscal policy and a Fistful of Dollars will provide us all with a reason not to talk about money, or the lack of it, on a daily basis.

As the bells on Big Ben chimed midnight on New Year’s Eve, many of us will have turned to our significant other and yet again confidently predicted that “This year will be our year!”

We can all live in hope but it’s notoriously difficult to predict what the new year will bring for any of us, although it doesn’t stop me having a stab...

Let’s start with a few things that we know are definitely going to happen:

I can guarantee that you will be bombarded by undeliverable promises and unbelievable rhetoric in 2015.

Your letter boxes will be stuffed full of leaflets and your door bell will need new batteries, as those that would rule do battle for your vote, in what could be the most important election in a generation.

By the time May comes around you will be sick of the sight of their fake smiles and their sycophantic sound bites, concocted by some bald bloke in his underpants, called Mike, who really wanted to work in the West End - his mum would be so proud.

In local politics, the in-fighting in the Conservative and Labour parties has never been so acrimonious and it’s unlikely that there will be any New Year resolution that will alter that.

But whilst the blues and reds are scrapping amongst themselves, could Nigel’s purple foxes stage a coup in the Town Hall henhouse?

In fashion, 2015 is the year to go without make-up apparently, which means Alan Swann will have to lose the lip gloss, but at least we will finally get to see what Jordan really looks like.

On the telly it’s been announced that Miranda is finishing before it gets funny although that same problem hasn’t stopped Still Open All Hours getting the green light.

Sssssssurely it ccccan only bbbbe a mmmatter of tttime.

Royal predictions now, and according to a recent survey only 37% of people believe Prince Harry will follow his brother down the aisle in 2015, although many do think it will be the year James Hewitt finally demands a paternity test.

Whilst we are in the realms of the ridiculous maybe Aldi and Lidl will join forces to completely batter Tesco, Asda and Morrison’s into submission.

Hold on though – would you shop at Aldidl?

And finally, this one has been predicted every year since the Old King died - plans to develop North Westgate could finally be brought to fruition in 2015.

Well I did say we were in the realms of the ridiculous!

Happy New Year.

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire’s Breakfast Show host writes for the Peterborough Telegraph