SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: Everton fans are barking, the new unattractive face of FIFA, boring rugby league and my hero of the week

Everton fans barking against the appointment of Sam Allardyce as their manager are arrogant and deluded.

Wednesday, 6th December 2017, 5:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:03 pm
Sam Allardyce will save Everton.

The Toffees were in serious danger of relegation. Appointing Allardyce has guaranteed that won’t happen.

So what if his team will play a primitive style? Fans should like winners and Allardyce has as good a chance as anyone of keeping them into the top half. West Ham are a shambolic outift since pleasing those supporters who wanted the team to play like they did in the 1960s (they didn’t win a great deal then either) and therefore ditch Allardyce.

Anyway these same Everton fans couldn’t wait to see the back of Roberto Martinez as manager as his style of attractive football was undermined by defensive incompetence. Hypocrites.

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England's Jamie Graham is consoled by Australia's Cooper Cronk after a dull Rugby League World Cup Final.


Gary Lineker was happy to take money from a dodgy sporting organisation like FIFA to host a World Cup draw in a corrupt country like Russia. It smacks of shameless hypocrisy. A quick buck and a high profile appearance, trumped an opportunity to back up previous criticisms with actions.

It was a decent draw for England though. It will be fascinating to see how we cock it up.


The heroic David De Gea.

Rugby league fanatics are trying to tell me the World Cup Final between England and Australia was a high-class encounter. But I watched a match of no flair, no imagination, limited ball handling skills and few points. It was five sideways passes followed by a kick to the opposition. A golden chance to attract new followers was wasted.


Arsenal v Manchester United last weekend was one of the great Premier League matches. It was even well refereed for the most part. United were decent, but also very lucky they have the world’s greatest goalkeeper in David De Gea. His double save from Lacazette and Sanchez at 2-1 was stunning.

Gary Lineker (left) at the World Cup draw.
England's Jamie Graham is consoled by Australia's Cooper Cronk after a dull Rugby League World Cup Final.
The heroic David De Gea.
Gary Lineker (left) at the World Cup draw.