SWANNY'S WORLD OF SPORT: Always pleasing to beat the Welsh at rugby, nothing wrong with opinions, managerial problems in the Premier League

Beating Wales at rugby union remains right up there with beating Scotland at football and Australia at cricket for true Englishmen.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th February 2018, 5:30 pm
Jonny May on the attack for England against Wales.
Jonny May on the attack for England against Wales.

So all hail my hero Jonny Mayn who scored two tries in a 12-6 win to keep England on course for a third Six Nations title in a row and another Grand Slam. What a great time to be an English rugby fan.

My other six nations musings...

1) Super coach Eddie Jones has done a great job turning England into the best rugby union side in the world (no matter what the world rankings might say), but that doesn’t give him the right to rail at innocent interviewers as he did after England’s thoroughly deserved win over Wales last weekend. It is allowed to have a different opinion on certain players. It is allowed to question the judgement of a coach.

Arsenal have become an awful side under Arsene Wenger.

2) England are now so good and so feared they are getting every 50/50 refereeing decision go their way.

3) All rugby union stadia should have a roof. The game is awful when it rains,

4) It really should become the Five Nations again. Italy are not good enough.


Eddie Jones is getting above himself.

1) It was sad to see Arsenal line up so defensively and play with so little flair against Spurs. Arsene Wenger’s teams have been glorious to watch over the years so Wenger needs to leave at the end of this season for his own sake before his reputation is completely trashed.

2) There was a lot of praise for manager Roy Hodgson when Crystal Palace galloped up the table, but maybe the form of Wilfried Zaha is more crucial to survival chances? His return co-incided with the positive results and now he’s injured again.

3) Appointing the right boss in a relegation struggle is vital as Stoke City and West Brom are finding out to their cost.

Arsenal have become an awful side under Arsene Wenger.
Eddie Jones is getting above himself.