Swanny’s World of Sport - What a terrible set of managers

Axed Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood.
Axed Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood.
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Of course Chelsea should sack Jose Mourinho. The Premier League would be a far classier product if this preening narcissist was to leave Stamford Bridge.

But that’s easy for me to say because I’m not a Chelsea fan. If I was Roman Abramovich (and I wouldn’t mind being a couple of billion quid behind him) I’d think very carefully before cutting ties with his walking embarrassment.

Decent top quality managers are rarer than decent top-flight referees. Even those currently in situ at the leading clubs are failing to impress.

With gazillions of oil money behind him, Manchester City manager Manuel Pelligrini ought to be walking away with the Premier League title race this season.

Instead he holds them back with his lack of tactical nous and his reliance on a star striker with a dodgy injury record. Replacing Sergio Aguerro with Wilfried Bony is like shutting down Harrods and opening up a Lidl in its place.

City went back to the top of the Premier League last weekend after the most dismal derby game at Manchester United. United are managed by Louis Van Gaal, the man who engineered Holland’s run to the last World Cup semi-finals and a man with club success all over Europe.

And yet he’s finding United hard to manage, unless turning them into a boring, square-passing, timid outift was his brief. He’s not been helped by the fact that Wayne Rooney is now hopeless.

This could be Arsene Wenger’s best chance for a while to win the Premier League title with Arsenal. It might even help them if they make an early exit from the Champions League, but you know ‘The Gunners’ will stuff it up somehow and instead claim a top four finish is a wonderful achievement for a club with more money than Tony Blair in the bank.

So who replaces Mourinho? For sure he won’t be English and Pep Guardiola is too busy leading Bayern Munich to victory in the one-horse Bundesliga to take on a club with serious rivals.

I’d see if they could prise Diego Simeone from Atletico Madrid. He’s a fan of boring, football, the sort that won Chelsea the Premier League title last season.

Some say managers are being undermined by transfer committees and too much reliance on statistical analysis.

It’s true to some extent, but Tim Sherwood would still have failed at Aston Villa with Christian Benteke and Fabien Delph in his side. His ‘achievements’ at Spurs were blown up out of all proportion.

Eddie Howe presumably has the main say on signings at Bournemouth and yet put his faith in Sylvan Distin, a 37 year-old centre-back, with inevitable consequences, while Norwich will be doomed under Alex Neil if he continues to play Russell Martin at centre-back and Cameron Jerome at centre-forward.

Sam Allardyce and Tony Pulis are the best managers for struggling clubs. The best managers for top clubs are harder to find.