Swanny’s World of Sport: What a horrible waste of money

Agents are raking in the cash.
Agents are raking in the cash.
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Every year a set of figures is published by the Football League that is guaranteed to make my blood boil.

Premier League clubs spent almost £130 million on agent fees in a recent 12-month period. Yes, you read that right, almost £130 million, just the £15 million more than the previous year.

That’s money that leaves the sport, never to return, and confirms that clubs are led by financial duffers who are always out-manouevred by sharks and spivs.

It’s not as though paying agents vast sums of money improves your chances of success.

Biggest enrichers of agents in the Premier League last year were Liverpool who wasted a cool £14 million on their way to a mid-table finish.

What a horrible waste of money.