SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: The woman who is the undoubted sporting superstar of 2015

Loretta Lynch helped to bring down villainous pair Sepp Blatter and Michael Platini
Loretta Lynch helped to bring down villainous pair Sepp Blatter and Michael Platini
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My sporting superstar of 2015 doesn’t compete or administrate in any major sport.

But Loretta Lynch did accomplish something that should have happened years ago. While the rest of the world dithered and dallied over corruption at the highest level in the world’s favourite sport, the Attorney General of the USA decided to act. The end result is the very welcome removal of Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini from high office along with their most abhorrent cronies.

Rory McIlroy was a 2015 sporting villain.

Rory McIlroy was a 2015 sporting villain.

For that Loretta deserves the thanks of the football world.

My other sporting heroes and villains of 2015.

Hero: The Robbie Savage who co-hosts ‘Fletch and Sav’ on a Saturday morning. He’s quite funny. I guess it must be the autocue.

Villain: The Robbie Savage who co-commentates on live BT football matches. Inarticulate, a bit thick and offering opinions as facts when they are anything but.

Andy Murray was a sporting hero of 2015.

Andy Murray was a sporting hero of 2015.

Heroes: Graham Westley and Grant McCann for offering hope for Posh this season.

Villain; Dave Robertson for almost scuppering Posh promotion hopes by the end of September.

Hero: Jamie Vardy for proving that you don’t have to spend millions on unknown foreign players, as long as you know where to look.

Villains: Those at Aston Villa and Newcastle who have wasted millions on unknown foreign players.

Hero: Claudio Ranieri for proving that nice guys can win (up to Xmas at any rate).

Villains: Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho for allowing English powerhouse clubs to be left behind by the likes of Leicester and Crystal Palace (actually they also qualify as heroes for this achievement).

Heroes: Southern Hemisphere rugby union teams for bringing some excitement to the World Cup.

Villain: England rugby union chief Ian Ritchie for bumbling his way through the year and yet clinging embarrassingly to his job despite being way out of his depth. He’s managed to make FA chairman Greg Dyke seem competent which is some going.

Hero: Andy Murray for his successful one-man personal crusade to win the Davis Cup for Great Britain.

Villain: Serena Williams for her appalling, off-putting on-court screaming and hollering (put any lady tennis grunters in this category also).

Hero: Jimmy Hill who sadly died, but whose death actually made me remember the great days of football punditry and commentary rather than the glib self-serving banal nonsense we have to put up with these days.

Villain: Sky big match commentator Martin Tyler for too much sermonising and not enough commentating.

Hero: Jordan Spieth for winning two major golf titles, reaching number one in the world and managing to stay humble.

Villain: Rory McIlroy for helping to make the above possible by stupidly playing football before the US Open and picking up an injury.

Hero: Joe Root for a big role in winning the Ashes while smiling and maintaining a bubbly personality. Over 1,300 runs for England in 2015.

Villains: The England Ladies cricket team for not only losing their ‘Ashes’, but for boring the pants off us while they did it.

Hero: Tyson Fury for stunning the boxing world by ending the 11-year reign of World Heavyweight champion Wladimer Klitschko

Villain: Tyson Fury for stunning the entire world with some remarkably distasteful views.

Hero: Gary Neville for proving that former footballers can make articulate and intelligent pundits.

Villain: Thierry Henry, £4 million a year for stating the obvious in the most boring manner possible. I’d rather listen to Piers Morgan.

Heroes: The BBC for givving up coverage of Formula One, possibly the most boring sport ever created.

Villains: The BBC for abandoning pretty much every major sport so they can concentrate on dancing and baking competitions.

Hero: Harry Kane for 27 goals in a calender year for Spurs

Villain: Alan Pardew for not picking Dwight Gayle often enough. He could get 20 goals a year in the Premier League.

Hero: Sir Clive Woodward for his brilliant articles in the Daily Mail on the Rugby Union World Cup.

Villain: Stuart Lancaster for not being fit to lace Sir Clive Woodward’s boots as a rugby union coach.