Swanny’s World of Sport - Take me away from tiresome Twits

Posh hot-shots Joe Gormley and Conor Washington.
Posh hot-shots Joe Gormley and Conor Washington.
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Iwill be lying by a pool somewhere in Europe when the football season kicks-off properly this Saturday (I’m going through the channel tunnel and heading for Greece so nothing can go wrong there can it?).

But even if human ‘swarms’, traffic queues and closed banks do disrupt me I’d rather be where I’m going than at Rochdale watching Posh.

That’s not meant as a slight on the club I’ve supported since the days of Freddie Hill. It’s more to do with football in general. There’s another season on the horizon and I can’t wait to be somewhere else.

Football has become far too serious and social media (a wonderful invention for the lazy /busy journalist) is the new battleground for those who wish to bully, abuse and cause mayhem.

Just look at the reaction on Twitter to a 0-0 draw in a friendly between Posh and Cambridge United last Saturday.

Now I admit I witnessed nothing from the boys in blue to suggest that Posh will mount anything other than a challenge for mid-table obscurity this season

But I’ve been around long enough to know that weathermen are more reliable guides to future events than football friendlies.

And yet there was a torrent of tiresome abuse on Twitter in the hours after the game, most of it aimed at Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony, without whom we might have been playing Cambridge more regularly in a competitive environment in seasons just gone.

Of course MacAnthony doesn’t need me to defend him against those with a low IQ who love to bait him, but it’s so boringly repetitive it’s become another big football turn off.

Posh boss Dave Robertson is an occasional contributor to Twitter, something he might be forced to re-assess should the season start badly.

I wish him and MacAnthony all the luck in the world and if Joe ‘The Goal’ Gormley lives up to his nickname, Posh may yet enjoy a successful season.

My other wishes for this season include...

A clampdown on spitting, swearing and diving. All three are obscene acts and need to be punished more consistently than they currently are. I’d even caution players for spitting at the ground - a horrible habit.

Fans hate divers. I even saw a Posh player heckled by his own team’s supporters last season for a blatant act of simulation.

I’d also love to see the pre-match ‘respect’ handshake scrapped. It’s immediately rendered meaningless as for the next 90 minutes the players wiill be trying to cheat and con each other. Respect has no meaning in football.

I also hope to see more action and less chat on football highlight shows.

It’s a forlorn hope with some of the egos involved, but please at least refrain from calling Premier League newboys Bournemouth ‘plucky’.

They’re not. They are the plaything of a super-rich sugar daddy.