SWANNY’S WORLD OF SPORT: Kyle is no Murray, Sanchez the mercenary, get rid of Stokes again, keep stuffing the Aussies

Kyle Edmund is a hero.
Kyle Edmund is a hero.
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We could emerging tennis talent Kyle Edmund a favour by never referring to him as the ‘next Andy Murray’.

He’ll never be that so just enjoy it when he goes well in the Grand Slam events, something that will be easier if the burden of expectation is removed. His performance in the Australian Open has been quite brilliant though,

Alexis Sanchez.

Alexis Sanchez.

Shame on Manchester United for paying a sulky, greedy player a fortune just to stop him going to their vastly superior same-city rivals.

And shame on Alexis Sanchez for putting his personal fortune ahead of the chance to play in a team far more suited to his talents.

I pity those United fans who believe the purchase of the dribbling Chilean signals a more attractive style of football. That won’t happen while miserable Jose Mourinho is dictating tactics at Old Trafford.

I also pity Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard, two English forwards of great promise who will doubtless be pushed backwards by the arrival of a mercenary.

Ben Stokes (right) with England coach Trevor Bayliss.

Ben Stokes (right) with England coach Trevor Bayliss.

The whole deal is pretty nauseating and that’s before discussing the £15 million paid to the agent for facilitating the deal.


I’m not sure the ECB could have handled the Ben Stokes affair with any more ineptitude.

Don’t pick Stokes for England before he’s charged with anything, but select him after he’s been charged with affray which is not exactly a minor crime? Simply baffling.

Stokes shouldn’t be anywhere near the England team until this whole sorry business comes to an end.


It’s been great watching England’s attacking one-day team smash the Aussies, but I’d be careful about making too many outlandish predictions.

England were in great nick going into the Champions Trophy in home conditions last year, but eventually they cocked it up.