Swanny’s World Of Sport - Cricket World Cup is boring

Steven Finn.
Steven Finn.
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What a bore off the cricket World Cup has become.

I have no idea why it takes three weeks before no-hopers like Scotland are sent packing.

Has there even been a decent match yet? Most of the ones I’ve tuned into have been absurdly one-sided - actually I’ve only watched England matches.

England are of course playing a clever game. There is no point in peaking too early in tournaments of this length.

It’s a far better idea to lose games now as if you lose for the first time after the groups have finished then you fly home with the plucky Irish team.

Steven Finn is either an awful bowler or a man holding his best back until it matters.

Ian Bell is not a throwback to go-slow 1970s tactics. He’s getting in prime nick for the quarters.